Flywire Expands Global Payments Platform with the Addition of OnPlanU and OnPlan Health

Addresses growing demand for integrated end-to-end payments and receivables capabilities; extends leadership position in education and healthcare

Boston, Chicago and London – January 18, 2018 – Flywire, a provider of global payment and receivables solutions for education, healthcare, and business, today announced the acquisition of OnPlan Holdings LLC, the parent company of OnPlanU and OnPlan Health. With the deal, Flywire becomes the first in the industry to offer an end-to-end solution with capabilities including invoicing, secure payment processing, consumer engagement, recurring payments, automated payment plans, payment tracking, reconciliation, and past due payments.

OnPlan co-founders, CEO John Talaga and CTO David King, will both join the Flywire leadership team and maintain stakes in the business going forward. Talaga will head up Flywire’s healthcare segment, and King will lead the company’s education and healthcare-focused product and development teams. Current OnPlan employees will also join the Flywire team, based in OnPlan’s existing headquarters outside Chicago.

In addition to considerable domain expertise and product capabilities, OnPlan gives Flywire the ability to support the full spectrum of its clients’ payment and receivables needs – both domestic and international. Clients will be able to take advantage of a fully integrated solution, while also having access to its extensive partner ecosystem in the US.

“Adding OnPlan’s technology to Flywire’s one-of-a-kind global payment and receivables platform further accelerates the trajectory for this company,” said Matt Harris, managing director, Bain Capital and Flywire board member. “Both firms share a culture that is all about how to make life better for their clients. That, combined with their complementary capabilities make this a perfect fit and will add tremendous value for their customers.”

“We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Flywire on multiple occasions, at the request of several of our mutual clients,” said Talaga. “We’re solving distinct, but related problems, both taking cost and friction out of the payment and receivables process. While we complement their platform in several important ways, Flywire offers OnPlan tremendous scale with supportive and engaged investors, capital for growth, access to new markets, and a global customer support infrastructure. Joining Flywire gives us the opportunity to make a much greater impact for our current and future clients.”

OnPlan’s vertical-specific solutions address key revenue lifecycle management needs in healthcare and higher ed. OnPlan Health is a web portal and payment solution that offers providers a simple, automated way to settle balances for patients with high out-of-pocket costs. Healthcare providers can accelerate receivables, prevent overdue balances and reduce costs by tailoring payment offers to patients, and providing more flexible ways to pay. OnPlanU is a student billing and payment solution that enables colleges and universities to automate account setup and payments in advance, and engage with students and parents to setup tailored payment schedules. It makes payments easier and provides students with more choice while also automating manual reconciliation processes for staff.

Since coming to market in 2011, Flywire has established its platform as the preferred solution for global payments and receivables processing for education institutions and healthcare providers. In 2017, the company entered the commercial segment, serving international businesses in a variety of market segments including automotive, travel, luxury goods, publishing, import/ export, professional services, and technology.

“The addition of OnPlan solidifies our market leadership position by enabling us to go deeper to address specific client needs in education and healthcare, and giving our clients the ability to manage all payments and receivables from a single platform.” said Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire. “Our clients have been pushing us for this, and the OnPlan team brings a tremendous amount of technical capability and domain expertise to address it. In a short period of time, they have built a very strong product and we are excited to bring it to our global client base.”

About Flywire

Flywire is a leading provider of global payment and receivables solutions, connecting over 1,400 businesses and institutions with their customers on six continents. The company processes billions in payments per year from 220 countries and territories, via bank transfer, credit card and e-wallet solutions, in over 120 different local currencies. Flywire’s scalable platform provides currency conversion at exchange rates that can offer significant savings when compared to home-market banks and credit card providers. The company also supports its clients with end-to-end customer support including multilingual servicing via phone, email, and chat, as well as 24/7 online payment tracking. Flywire is headquartered in Boston, MA with operations in London and Manchester, UK; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; Sydney, Australia; and Valencia, Spain. For more information, visit

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The Other Student Debt Crisis: Institutional Debt

Inside Higher ED recently published an opinion piece focused on the unpaid tuition and fees that are forcing students to leave school without a diploma.  According to EAB, an education research firm, “Nearly 1 million students withdraw each year, for unpaid balances.” The majority struggle term to term to pay tuition, rent, food, health care and child care.

Nearly 1 million students withdraw each year, for unpaid balances.

Author David Scobey points out that current policies and practices are a barrier to student success and contribute to revenue loss. For example, a “bursar hold” blocks access to transcripts and continued enrollment, preventing the student from completing their education securing employment.

Keep in mind that 80% of students who leave school are in good academic standing and only owe an average of 10-20% of their unsettled bill. One in six delinquent students are referred to third-party collection agencies, adding up to 30% in fees to their already past due student account.

Scobey suggests that institutions need to change their approach and look for new financial strategies. OnPlanU’s industry leading receivables management and collection system proactively reaches out, via text, email and/or automated phone call, to students who have overdue accounts. The program offers customized payment plans to match students’ unique circumstances, while improving student retention and loyalty. OnPlanU’s 24/7 self-service environment allows students to login at any time from any device—computer, tablet or mobile device.

In 18 months, the OnPlanU pre-collect system collected on 20% of the placed accounts, saving James Madison University $320,000 in collection agency fees.

OnPlanU’s innovative, yet simple collection solution can help solve this student debt crisis. To learn more, contact Billi Tilly ( or Judith Flink (


OnPlanU at 2017 PDG Student Loan Receivables Conference

The OnPlanU team just got back from the PDG Student Loan Receivables Conference in Fort Lauderdale. While attendees loved the warm weather, we’d venture to say they loved OnPlanU’s innovative pre-collect solution even more! OnPlanU’s pre-collect system helps schools collect from students with past-due tuition balances. With tuition continuing to increase, financial aid remaining flat, and state budgets tight, more students have a past-due student account than ever before. And now universities have less staff to help resolve this challenge. OnPlanU’s pre-collect system provides an easy tool to help schools encourage students to repay their outstanding student account while engaging the student in a friendly way and increasing enrollment. Not only does OnPlan’s product increase student retention but it reduces placements to collection agencies. This, in turn, reduces costs and strengthens the relationship between the student and university.

At the conference, Judith Flink (University of Illinois, retired) presented to a full house alongside OnPlan CTO David King about how Student Financial Services must prepare for Generation Z–the next generation on campus. They also collaborated on an engaging discussion about securing transactions on campus with point-to-point encryption. Both talks sparked a lot of conversation about OnPlanU’s pre-collect system as well as our full suite of billing and collections solutions. If you’d like to hear more about our solutions or schedule a demo, please contact Judith Flink at

Gen Z

Gen Z Goes to Campus


Pre-Collect Strategies at Minnesota Collection Network

OnPlan recently attended the three-day Minnesota Collection Network MEGA Conference in Minneapolis. The conference focuses on collection challenges with campus-based programs and student accounts receivable. Colleges and universities are looking for more efficient and friendly ways to engage students that have an outstanding balance. OnPlan’s UCollect product provides schools with a pre-collect solution that helps institutions with accounts receivable recovery, improves student re-enrollment, and reduces costs. Many of the schools in attendance were excited to see a new and innovative approach to manage and collect on past due tuition and fee accounts.  If you’d like to hear more about OnPlan’s full suite of billing and collections solutions, contact Judith Flink at


Pre-collect at Minnesota Collection Network

Student Receivables

ISLA Schools Excited About the Latest Trends in Internal Collection Methods

OnPlan CTO David King recently presented to Illinois school administrators at this year’s Illinois Student Loan & Receivables Administrators Conference. After reviewing the latest trends in internal collections as well as the challenges institutions are facing with accounts receivable recovery, King introduced OnPlanU’s innovative solutions to improve internal collections. Participants were especially excited about UCollect, OnPlan’s pre-collection solution that provides an automated method for institutions to manage and collect on past due tuition and fee accounts. If you’d like to hear more about OnPlan’s full suite of billing and collections solutions, contact Judith Flink at

Student Receivables

Collecting on Student Receivables


Spotlight on JMU: How One Virginia School Partnered with OnPlanU to Keep Students OUT of Collections and In the Classroom

A recent article in The Washington Post entitled “Universities in Va. hit students with whopping collection fees for unpaid tuition” highlights the urgent need for colleges and universities to offer re-payment terms for their students who drop out or still owe a balance after classes end. The gap between financial aid and tuition and fees continues to expand. In most cases students don’t realize the gap until the traditional payment plan enrollment period has closed. Oftentimes, they find themselves without the financial support needed to cover their academic expenses.

It is critical that institutions engage at the first point of delinquency so that students’ exposure to costly collection fees is eliminated. This strategy not only helps reduce the student’s debt and improve their ability to stay enrolled, it also increases the institution’s likelihood to collect balances, while fostering an overall spirit of goodwill among the school’s student population. Although Virginia schools are the focus of this piece, the problem exists nationwide: students want to pay their tuition but either can’t afford to pay all at once or they fall behind and are looking for a way to catch up while staying enrolled. Even the most well-intentioned students frequently end up dropping out of school when they can’t keep up with their payments. And with collection agency fees of up to 30 percent, these students not only miss out on their education, but are also charged exorbitant fees, take a hit to their credit rating, and suffer the many long-term impacts of being saddled with bad debt.

James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is one school that recognizes how both the student and the institution suffer when there is a discrepancy between students’ ability to pay and their payment obligations. Early last year, JMU implemented OnPlanU’s Pre-Collect solution to provide their students with an innovative payment plan option to make repaying easier and more affordable while improving account recovery for JMU.

“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen since implementing OnPlan’s Pre-Collect system. Our cash collections have increased significantly and our students appreciate the affordable payment options and how easy the system is to use.”
Linda Combs
Director, University Business Office | James Madison University

Once JMU determines which accounts to place in OnPlanU’s Pre-Collect system, the system proactively communicates with students to engage them to pay their outstanding balance. By reaching out to students an average of 60 days before traditional collection activities would normally begin, OnPlanU reduces the number of delinquent accounts that would ultimately need to go to collections by an average of 20 percent. Pre-Collect offers students several customized payment options, and makes it easy to activate a payment plan and make payments on any device they choose. Students agree to a nominal one-time enrollment fee to activate the plan.

Within the first 18 months, OnPlanU collected on over 15 percent of the placed accounts, saving JMU students $182,000 in collection agency fees.

JMU’s foresight prompted them to implement a solution that avoids sending their students to collections and retains students who may have once had no option but to drop out. As more schools realize the benefits of OnPlanU’s Pre-Collect solution, JMU can be looked at as a model of success.

To learn more about the OnPlanU Pre-Collect solution, contact Judith Flink at


OnPlan Achieves PCI Level 1 Compliance

OnPlan Achieves PCI Level 1 Compliance
Earlier this year, OnPlan joined the PCI Security Standards Council as a Participating Organization. Since then, OnPlan has been an active member adding input when it comes to setting standards, implementing new initiatives, along with many other activities. Recently, OnPlan achieved its PCI level 1 compliance. In conjunction with its level 1 compliance, OnPlan also offers PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices. OnPlan is committed to securing transactions regardless of the channel they originate.
Colleges and universities can be assured that OnPlan is securing their student and families’ payments—whether they are signing up for a tuition payment plan, paying their tuition bill, or using OnPlan’s UCollect account recovery system.

About the PCI Security Standards Council
The PCI Security Standards Council is a global forum that is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other standards that increase payment data security. Founded in 2006 by the major payment card brands American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard and Visa Inc., the Council has 700 Participating Organizations representing merchants, banks, processors and vendors worldwide. To learn more about playing a part in securing payment card data globally, please visit:

About OnPlanU
OnPlanU is a payments innovator that provides an automated, customized approach to help institutions direct and collect payments. OnPlan’s advanced payment solution offers end-to-end credit card protection and payment processing across an entire system, and can seamlessly integrate with any payment application. OnPlan is headquartered in Bannockburn, IL, just north of Chicago. For more information, please visit


OnPlanU Mobile-First Payment and Billing Technology Highlighted at NACUBO 2017

OnPlanU Mobile-First Payment and Billing Technology Highlighted at NACUBO 2017

Several of the OnPlan team members, David King, Judith Flink, Patrik Vagenius, and Sarah Enslin, will be attending the NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) Annual Meeting this weekend, July 29-August 1, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Our team will be at booth #753 in the Exhibitor Expo Hall where we’ll be highlighting our full suite of OnPlanU products: billing and payment solutions, Pre-Collect, P2PE solutions, refunds, and mobile first technology. The OnPlanU suite of campus financial services enhances student convenience, increases administrative performance, ensures end-to-end payment security, and offers unique features and capabilities.

The theme of this year’s annual meeting is “Currents of Collaboration” which focuses on navigating connections and leading diverse teams.  In addition to main stage speakers, the program consists of a variety of tracks and sessions concerning technology, student services, and compliance to name a few! The NACUBO conference offers a great opportunity for us to connect with current customers and introduce OnPlanU to many other professionals focused on using the latest technology to address the needs of their student population.

If you would like to set up an OnPlanU demo, please email Judith Flink at

If you are attending the NACUBO Annual Meeting, please look us up in booth #753 in the Exhibitor Expo Hall.  Remember to bring your business card so we can make you a free custom laminated luggage tag. You can also enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card! We look forward to seeing you at NACUBO!

Students Safely Paying

OnPlanU Pre-Collect Rocks Bursars SFS Conference

Bursars SFS Conference Builds Momentum for OnPlanU’s Pre-Collect Solution

Fresh off the heels of the Bursars SFS Conference at Florida’s beautiful Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort, we are excited about the buzz around OnPlanU—the latest problem solver in the higher ed receivables management market. In a sea of competitors trying to play catch-up, OnPlanU stands out with our mobile-first technology, fresh approach to tired student financial services solutions, and—most notably—our pre-collect product. The first solution of its kind, OnPlanU’s pre-collect system is designed to engage and collect from students who are either currently enrolled or recently left the institution with an outstanding balance. Our early adopters have seen great results. For example, James Madison University saved $92,000 in collection fees in just seven months!

At the conference, we also enjoyed connecting with people at the OnPlanU booth and sharing insight on three important topics during our speaker sessions:

  • Securing Transactions on Campus with Point to Point Encryption,
  • Engaging Millennials in the Workplace, and
  • Communication and Technology Strategies for Receivables Management.

Conferences like PDG are important in bringing awareness of emerging technology to schools who may not have it on their radar. But it also gives us the opportunity to hear about the needs of the higher ed market. Open communication lines are instrumental in enabling OnPlan to design and develop our solutions to fit your evolving needs.

If you missed PDG or just want to learn more about OnPlanU’s pre-collect system or full suite of receivables management solutions, contact Judi Flink at 847-507- 5399 or for more information.


OnPlanU Joins InCommon

OnPlan Holdings, LLC, DBA OnPlanU, a leading provider of tuition management services and commerce for colleges and universities, has become an InCommon partner.

InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a common trust framework for shared management of access to on-line resources for the education and research communities. Through InCommon, Identity Providers (higher education institutions) can give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online Service Providers control access to their protected resources.

“Higher education demands an identity management solution that enables its students and staff to seamlessly access critical businesses services such as OnPlanU’s tuition management system,” said David King, CTO of OnPlanU. “OnPlanU’s partnership with InCommon will allow the 600 plus higher education participants to easily integrate their identity management service with OnPlanU.”