OnPlanU drives your receivables management strategy.

Manage and improve your pre-collection receivables with OnPlanU’s Pre-Collect solution.

Customizable Payment Terms

With the OnPlan system, customer service representatives have the power and flexibility to negotiate personalized repayment terms at the first warning sign. Students can quickly and easily select a plan that matches their unique circumstances and ability to pay, then make payments right from their smartphones, whether they are on campus or off. As a result, you greatly increase the likelihood of payment from students who are most likely to default on payments.

Automated email, text messages, and paper statements can be scheduled to proactively elicit payment from students with an outstanding balance who have not registered for the next term or have not paid tuition after the add/drop deadline, or other students in arrears.

Convenient Payment Methods

With a variety of ways to pay, students can make a payment virtually anytime and anywhere. In our technology-driven economy, these conveniences allow institutions to offer students exceptional customer service.

Improved Collection Rates and Cost to Collect

By reaching out to students an average of 60 days before traditional collection activities would normally begin, OnPlanU reduces the number of delinquent accounts that will ultimately need to go to collections by 20 percent. You improve your collection rate and shorten your collection cycle, which reduces costs while increasing cashflow. OnPlan does this without increasing staff workload. In fact, institutions are likely to see a decrease in workload and expenses, along with an increase in student retention.

Tuition Payment Plans

OnPlanU’s Tuition Payment Plans fully automate the payment process while allowing students to budget tuition and fee payments over time. By bridging the growing gap between available financial aid and rising tuition costs, payment plans make college more attractive and affordable.

In addition, OnPlan’s turnkey communications programs include campaigns branded to your institution, helping ensure that your staff can focus their time and effort on optimizing students’ enrollment experience.

Customizable Payment Dates

You can choose to allow students to select a payment day that works best for them or limit their choices to fit your payment cycle (e.g., 5th and 20th of the month)..

Multi-Payer Functionality

The payment plan can be established by the student, his/her parent, grandparent or any other payee, and multiple parties can make payments for a given student, increasing the likelihood that the whole balance will get paid.

Convenient Payment Methods

OnPlanU supports automated clearing house (ACH), credit card, and debit card payments and offers the option of charging payees a convenience fee. Payees can change payment methods at any time and even select a different payment method for a specific installment.

Designed for Mobile

OnPlanU is completely mobile responsive—designed for the way students live their lives. Payment due reminders, receipts, and past due notices are delivered via text messages and emails.

Secure Payment Technology

OnPlan Processing offers end-to-end credit card protection and payment processing across your system—and easily integrates with any payment application. With point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization, your students’ credit card data is neither stored nor transmitted across your networks. That virtually eliminates the risk of a data breach at every point in the transaction lifecycle—in use, in transit, and at rest.

PCI-Validated P2PE

Cardholder data becomes vulnerable to theft any time it is transmitted between points within—or to and from—your network. OnPlanU’s PCI-validated P2PE secures card transactions by encrypting all data within a PCI-approved point-of-entry swipe or keypad device, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being available in the device or the merchant’s system where it could be exposed to malware. Decryptx, Bluefin’s Decryption as a Service (DaaS) product, provides all of the security of Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution suite through the OnPlanU platform.

Benefits of a PCI-validated P2PE solution for merchants include reduced PCI compliance and scope, saving time and money on annual audits, and the assurance that the technology has been vetted and approved by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC).


OnPlan’s Universal Token provides additional security by allowing the institution to store a token – a representation of the payer’s credit card – that is portable across the institution’s merchant ecosystem. Instead of a return transmission of sensitive credit card data, OnPlan sends only a value – or token – back to your network. But OnPlan’s highly sophisticated tokenization system is different. By allowing the same token to be used across all your merchant accounts, OnPlan tokenization provides multiple layers of protection against fraud from external hackers, as well as employees, vendors, and suppliers – and allows you to offer your students the convenience of providing credit card information only once.