OnPlanU at 2017 PDG Student Loan Receivables Conference

The OnPlanU team just got back from the PDG Student Loan Receivables Conference in Fort Lauderdale. While attendees loved the warm weather, we’d venture to say they loved OnPlanU’s innovative pre-collect solution even more! OnPlanU’s pre-collect system helps schools collect from students with past-due tuition balances. With tuition continuing to increase, financial aid remaining flat, and state budgets tight, more students have a past-due student account than ever before. And now universities have less staff to help resolve this challenge. OnPlanU’s pre-collect system provides an easy tool to help schools encourage students to repay their outstanding student account while engaging the student in a friendly way and increasing enrollment. Not only does OnPlan’s product increase student retention but it reduces placements to collection agencies. This, in turn, reduces costs and strengthens the relationship between the student and university.

At the conference, Judith Flink (University of Illinois, retired) presented to a full house alongside OnPlan CTO David King about how Student Financial Services must prepare for Generation Z–the next generation on campus. They also collaborated on an engaging discussion about securing transactions on campus with point-to-point encryption. Both talks sparked a lot of conversation about OnPlanU’s pre-collect system as well as our full suite of billing and collections solutions. If you’d like to hear more about our solutions or schedule a demo, please contact Judith Flink at jflink@onplanu.com.

Gen Z

Gen Z Goes to Campus


Pre-Collect Strategies at Minnesota Collection Network

OnPlan recently attended the three-day Minnesota Collection Network MEGA Conference in Minneapolis. The conference focuses on collection challenges with campus-based programs and student accounts receivable. Colleges and universities are looking for more efficient and friendly ways to engage students that have an outstanding balance. OnPlan’s UCollect product provides schools with a pre-collect solution that helps institutions with accounts receivable recovery, improves student re-enrollment, and reduces costs. Many of the schools in attendance were excited to see a new and innovative approach to manage and collect on past due tuition and fee accounts.  If you’d like to hear more about OnPlan’s full suite of billing and collections solutions, contact Judith Flink at jflink@onplanu.com.


Pre-collect at Minnesota Collection Network